• Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC programming on Windows platforms
  • 'C++' language programming on ARM platforms
  • Java on Android platform
  • Python
  • 'C' language programming
  • OOA/OOD using UML / Rational Rose and Rumbaugh OMT
  • Yourdon structured design.
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C40 DSP assembly language
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C20 DSP assembly language
  • Texas Instruments TMS34010 GSP assembly language
  • Working knowledge of Z80, 68000 and 6502 assembly languages, and FORTH.
  • ARM assembly language on Acorn RiscPC
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Acorn Risc OS, OS9, Linux
  • Digital electronics design with Zilog Z8000 and Motorola MC68000 and MC68EC030 microprocessors, ATmega328P microcontroller, PAL, PLD and ASIC devices.
  • Git, Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase and Unix SCCS for source control.
  • Familiar with microprocessor circuit design and use test equipment - in-circuit / JTAG emulators, oscilloscopes, logic analysers, etc.

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